Together Artist Spotlight: Aarhus | Together



By Dillon Riley


One of the many, many goals of Together Boston is to help promote new and exciting music across all sorts of genres from the Boston area and beyond. And so, among the bountiful acts we’ll be putting on around the city next week, we are proud to present Brooklyn two-piece Aarhus. The band consists of songwriter/vocalist Kelly Leprohon and dj/producer Weiyu Shen.


Aarhus is an electropop duo from New York City. Their debut EP displays their focus on electronic dance music aesthetics and pop songcraft. Aarhus achieves this by bridging the gap between dance music and singer-songwriter pop.




This is the New York duo’s first trip to Boston, and Together is proud to bring them to the city in partnership with local promoters Lysten Boston. Be sure to catch Aarhus’ set, along with locals Jenova 7 and Anda Volley, at Middle East Corner on Monday, May 16 as part of Together 7!







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