#tgthr5 loses Martyn, gains Jacques Greene | Together

Bit of good news/bad news here as we got wind earlier this week that Martyn, one of our favorite champions of news sounds and news concerning the National Hockey League, was unable to make his appearance in a special after-hours set with Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound.

But fear not passholders! We’ve found a very much valuable replacement:

Jacques Greene has releases on Night Slugs and LuckyMe (and Martyn’s own 3024), and has also recently launched his own label. He might still be most famous for exploding onto the scene with “Another Girl” (or for being the guy that Azelia Banks is screaming at in her video), but he has taken these successes and ran with it.

It is currently unknown if Mssr. Greene follows anything regarding the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but one thing is 100-percent certain: No dancefloor is safe when he steps into the mix. Listen to his Little White Earbuds mix here to see what we mean. It’s a killer:

Montreal party starter Seb Diamond and our own General Motor will be on opening duties. Here’s the Facebook event link if you use that website.

As it stands, anyone with a pass is guaranteed entry into this special Friday night after-hours celebration. The Together pass also gets you into everything all week. Have we mentioned you might want to pick one up?