Staff Profiles: Gareth Middlebrook | Together


In the first of our Staff Profiles for this year’s Together Boston festival, we have our Operations Manager, Gareth Middlebrook. Gareth’s role is difficult to summarize, as he handles virtually every aspect of the festival. As a soundtrack, he’s created the second of our “experience” mixes. These mixes highlight their favorite artists from our seven-year history.

DJ Rashad – Rollin (Together 3)
Machinedrum – Le Ol Skool (Together 1)
Headhunter – Stand Alone (Together 7)
Objekt – Ganzfeld (Together 4)
Kahn – Over Deh So (Together 3)
Kyle Hall – You Know What I Feel (Together 3)
Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers (Together 6)
Juju & Jordash – Stroop (GM Edit) (Together 7)
Time Wharp – Cole Dub (Together 3)
Bicep – Just (Together 7)
Umfang – Ok (Together 6)
Giraffage – Tell Me (Together 7)
Dubfire – RibCage (Together 3)
Wheez-ie – Afterburner (Together 3)
Project Pablo – It’s Out There (Together 6)

1. What is track in the mix means the most to you? In the sense that you’d consider it the “crux” of the mix? Why?

Hmmm. Tough question. They’re all pretty special to me. I don’t normally begin mixes fast and then go slow, so the Rashad tune was pretty fun to start with. We hosted the Footwork pioneer way back at Together 2012, thanks in large part to our old friend Max Pearl. The song might be controversial, but historically, it stands up as one of the more pivotal moments in our history. The set is archived forever at RBMA here. Thanks to the good folks at Good Life Bar

ClusterMag Presents DJ Rashad

ClusterMag Presents DJ Rashad

Then, bringing in my homie Time Wharp’s track in the middle was an important element as well, seeing as that track is so good and doesn’t get enough attention. The new Wheez-ie track is something he made while we were roommates years ago and finally came out on Skrillex’s Nest HQ label last week. Our creative director, David, has been slowly getting me into ambient, so I was really glad to find that Juju & Jordash track when researching the mix.

2. As Ops Director, you’ve dealt with every aspect of the team. Who would you like to shout out who doesn’t get enough credit?

Definitely Joe Grafton, our COO. He had my position in the early years before taking a respite, and has returned with tour de force.


He not only taught me everything I know about working a business from the inside, but helps keep me in check while I try and do the same for everyone else. He is our Yoda. (Joe-da?)

3. What show are you most looking forward to this year?

Probably the opening night party with Floating Points Live (tickets available here). I admire that guy so much – he’s a neuroscientist on top of being a top caliber producer/DJ/performer. I’ve been listening to him since day one, and am really excited to see him expand into a full-band performance. His album last year was celestial.

4. Together has created so many unique moments over the years. Pick one at random to highlight for you 🙂

I recently said meeting Tiga was my favorite memory so far. That was definitely surreal.

But the real highlight is the relationships built over the last 7 years. Everyone is so special. I’ve learnt SO much. Not just through hard work and dedication. Everyone has taught me a lot, whether it’s related to working with all sorts of personalities, or just things about myself that I didn’t know. I feel like a better person having worked with Together.

If you like what you hear, make sure to grab your third tier passes for Together before they’re gone.