Staff Profiles: Biyeun Buczyk


By Dillon Riley

For the fifth round of our Together staff profile series we have for you a brief chat with our invaluable Production Assistant, Biyeun Buczyk. Biyeun has worked with Together in the past as a photographer, but this is her first year helping with behind the scenes with festival tech. In her spare time she works as a software engineer and DJs in her own right under the moniker Byoosik.

1. In your own words, can you tell us what is your role in Together Boston?

Like last year, I’m helping out photographing some of the events where needed. This year, though, I’m focusing most of my energy in the exciting world of event production! I’ll be learning the ropes and helping make your Together experience smooth so you can focus on the vibes.

2. Give us a memory from last year that makes you smile.

Definitely a party into the wee hours with Paul Johnson at the decks in this tiny, tiny room. I was so new to the scene…it was essentially one of the first times I truly got a taste of Chicago House, and from a master.

Boston is unique as it’s one of the few cities where, though the scene may be small, the parties you find are exceptional, intimate, and most definitely rival bigger scenes like New York or Berlin.

Those cities may have more options, but last year Together really showcased what makes us special: our community and our pursuit of quality.

3. Which Together 2015 artist are you looking forward to the most?

DVS1 for sure. Black Russian was on repeat for days, and I picked it up at Hard Wax when I was in Berlin. Definitely one of my favorite records. Mano Le Tough comes in at a close second.

4. What’s your favorite late-night food joint in Boston and why?

Beantown Taqueria. There’s nothing quite like a taco after a night of dancing your face off, right? Or a burrito. But, really, I’m a taco person.
5. Given an unlimited budget, who would you like to see play Boston and why?

CARL CRAIG. PLEASE. And a live set. He is my hero. I haven’t heard a Carl Craig record I didn’t like. Planet E is also one of my favorite labels. There’s just something about his vibe that whenever I listen to a set of his, I leave the planet…a techno journey. He wanders through so many different sounds, styles, emotions with sets are as complex and varied as the human experience. Please bring him to Boston. I would love to see him play at a very intimate venue, too.

6. The city has asked you to throw a party in a T station. What do you do? Where?

Porter Sq. Think of all the different levels.

There’s the level where you have the ticket machines, that’s one stage. Then the platforms themselves. Dark, grungy. Techno rave. And it’s so deep underground, you can really crank up on that bass and not bother a soul on ground level.

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