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RIP: Kedaar Kumar

The Together family lost a trusted soul this month when Kedaar Kumar was found dead. Kedaar was a crucial member of the Production Staff and put a tremendous amount of time and energy into making the world a better place … and he succeeded at almost every single turn.

The festival first met Kedaar when he won the Together Hackathon in 2012 with Metatron’s Cube.

He immediately became one of our biggest fans, and vice versa. As a coordinator of our HQ, as a video production ninja, and, of course, an artist and producer in his own right.

Beyond our world, Kedaar graced the studios of NuVu in Central Square Cambridge, worked with Good Life in Downtown Crossing and spent a good chunk of time at Harmonix working on their historic products like Dance Central and Rock Band.

For those interested in celebrating his life and community, next week brings two opportunities to do just that.

Thursday March 5th – 9pm – Elements at Phoenix Landing

DJ Lenore is going to have an Elements dedicated to Kedaar curated to the type of music he liked best. Open to the public and proceeds will go to the memorial scholarship Berklee is putting together.

Saturday March 7th – 11am – David Friend Recital Hall Berklee College

Memorial event for Kedaar with some speakers, musical performances, remembrances, light refreshments. Running until about 1pm or so.

Followed by smaller gathering at Sonsie on Newbury St if folks want to hang around.

We hope to see you there.

Rest in Power, Kedaar Kumar. A true beam of laser light that will never be extinguished.