Panel Wrap-up: May 15 | Together

Following up on the day’s panels: Artist Representation in the Digital Age, Performance as Spectacle: The New Concert Experience.

Artist Representation in the Digital Age

Moderated by The Middle East’s booking coordinator Kevin Hoskins, this panel focused on the game between agents, managers, talent buyers, and artists. The discussion covered the qualities an artist should possess for better chances of being booked, live shows and performance, fan bases, collaborations, management, working with other genres, ticket sales, selling records, and where EDM is going.


“I think it’s flipped, in the past 10 years, to the point where managers work with [the artist] before really meeting them.” – Kevin Hoskins (Middle East Club)

“Some of the best relationships I’ve had have been with artists without managers. To me, management for a DJ is not important.” – Carter Adams (Windish Agency)

“You want to build [your live show] in a smart way.” – Josh Bhatti (Bowery Presents)

“Establish a support system, as far as musicians go. I’ll take a recommendation from a musician.” – Michael Walsh (XLR8R)

“The biggest thing you can do is develop a fan base, an organic, word-of-mouth fan base.” – Walker Chambliss (Jack Dice, Main Attrakionz)

Performance as Spectacle: The New Concert Experience

Moderated by Koren Bernardi of Together, this panel focused on the present and future of concert spectacle. The discussion covered eye-catching elements of a show, approaches to take when planning performances, types of spectacle, and DJs with live manipulations.


“I’m lighting a dance floor and painting music for the people on the dance floor.” – Peter Brown (Oscillate Systems)

“We’re not doing spectacle for spectacle’s sake. You need to think, ‘Is this a justified moment?'” – Colin Thurmond (Acoustica Electronica)

“People go to see [musical robots] as a state of novelty.” – Daniel Trostli (QS Designs)

“Spectacle is being in a state of awe. Spectacle is artists conjuring another state of consciousness; that state means to strike the audience with the magnificence of it.” – Zebbler (visual artist and video jockey)