Mr Little Jeans is "Diplo Approved" | Together


Diplo has created a SoundCloud that has a collection of “the best music that isn’t mine,” which he will exclusively use to repost sounds. With a current ranking of #53 globally, #8 in the US, and #1 in Philly, Diplo’s music clearly has an influence on the community. Now he’s showing us the things that influence him, and the music that he considers “best.”

Diplo is exposing these artists to a huge audience (1.17 million twitter followers, and just under a million Facebook likes). After only a few days his new SoundCloud has well over 10k followers, and the number keeps rising.

Mr Little Jeans’ song Suburbs is one of the five current reposts on diploapproved. She will be opening for SOHN at The Sinclair this year at Together 5. You can listen to the track and see why it’s Diplo Approved below:

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