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Film has been an integral part of popular culture since its inception and recognition as an art form.  Bringing together a multitude of mediums, it has the power to shape opinion and move masses on a level that is both poignant and universally accessible. In years past, we have screened the award-winning Villalobos with the Goethe Institute and the incredible Don’t Think in partnership with Astralwerks Records at the Brattle Theater.

Together 2013 is proud to announce that will the help of the Museum of Fine Arts, we will host a four-day film program at the museum as part of the festival.  The program will include work from innovative Boston-based filmmaker, designer, and visual artist Brian Kane, electronic musician and director Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr. Oizo), a presentation from Boston’s Sneaker Museum who will be screening the 1983 classic documentary about hip-hop culture Style Wars, and We Are Modeselektor, a film that documents the rise and lifestyle of German production duo Modeselektor.




The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in partnership with Together is pleased to announce a special one-night showcase, HDADD+ Live, featuring a real-time cinema performance by contemporary media artist Brian Kane.  The live set will debut new interactive videos intermixed with never-before-seen works from the early-2000’s.  A revival of content by Kane and long-time collaborator Gardner Post will provide viewers with a rich history of audio/visual explorations from the past 30-years of studio practice.  The exhibition will also feature sound manipulations by DJ Darryl Hell of Brooklyn and original music by Nalepa (Los Angeles), Aerostatic (NYC), David Last (Boulder), David Fodel (Denver) and other genre-blending performers.

HDADD+ explores the boundaries of attention deficit stimulus engagement.  According to recent studies uncovered by major news outlets such as CNN and The Guardian UK, the average smart-phone user will check their mobile device upwards to 34-times per day, without being prompted.  Consumers have developed what authors refer to as “checking habits,” in which the user spends less than 10-seconds typically every 10-minutes refreshing e-mail and social media applications.  Further, notification chimes can creative a positive and reinforcing mental stimulus which can empower the user.  Kane merges popular applications like twitter and facebook with abstract video art and movie clips, creating a fusion of non-linear motion-pictures designed to appeal to the short attention span of the average tech-consumer.


The 90-minute set, composed by Kane and organized by the Museum of Fine Art’s Curator of Film Carter Long and Together’s Creative Director David Day, will feature multiple screen projections, live audio/visual mixing and interactive performances by models using their smart devices.

Brian Kane was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1965 and currently lives and works in Cambridge, MA. Recent exhibitions and festivals include #11.Art (Museo Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica, Brazil), Memery (MASS MoCA), People in Space (Shanghai World Expo), Late at the Tate (Tate Museum), Big Chill (U.K.), and a 2010 solo show at Murphy and Dine, New York, NY.


Friday, May 17th 12 – 3:00 PM – The Sneaker Museum Presents Style Wars Marcus Johnson-Smith, co-founder of Kush Groove Clothing and Director of the Sneaker Museum, seeks to educate the public about the relevancy and legacy of hip-hop culture within the framework of modern society.

Style Wars Trailer from Henry Chalfant on Vimeo.

What are its cultural influences and how has it shaped the world we live in today? Style Wars, directed by Tony Silver and acclaimed photographer Henry Chalfant, helps answer these questions, giving them context by analyzing graffiti culture and the arts of bboying and rapping.

Saturday, May 18th – 2 – 4:00 PM – Wrong by Quentin Dupieux Quentin Dupieux, who produces dirty house music under the moniker Mr. Oizo, is no stranger to experimental media.  He has been photographing since an early age, achieved his first hit in France in 1999 with “Flat Beat,” and has been releasing records with the Ed Banger label since 2006.  Wrong, his second feature-length film, is a surreal exploration of the existential challenges that stem from living the daily grind.  Centered around Dolph, a young man who wakes one morning to find that his dog is missing and lost his job three months prior, Dupieux takes viewers on a journey through a world that is completely out-of-touch with reality, yet makes profound statements about our own realities.

Sunday, May 19th – 3 – 5:00 PM – We Are Modeselektor This film from directors Romi Agel and Holger Wick goes deep into the lives of two of Berlin’s most influential and forward-thinking producers, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary of Modeselektor.  The group has witnessed meteoric rise due to their extreme work ethic and impeccable taste-making skills.  They’ve started two record lables (Monkeytown and 50weapons), and released six LPs counting one with fellow Berliner Apparat.  The film takes  viewers into the lives of Modeselektor and tells the story of how two friends from a small village in Germany took the techno world by storm.

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