Machinedrum Pays Tribute to DJ Rashad | Together


DJ Rashad. The name is synonymous with Juke, Footwork, and Chicago. Nearly a year after his passing, fellow 160 bpm extraordinaire, Travis Stewart, aka Machinedrum, is paying tribute to the man with the release of his Movin Forward EP. The two tracks he supplies are raw Teklife fare that would be right at home in any member of the crew’s mix. SeeSea gets a hyperkinetic interpretation by Rashad and the remaining tunes are unfinished collaborations between Rashad and Machinedrum that Stewart eventually found the courage to finish and release.

“It is what Rashad would have wanted me to do.”

We were lucky enough to have Rashad here with us at Together back in 2012. Even better, we had RBMA around to record and immortalize the sounds of the selector who knows the Tek better than anyone. Check it out below and get your footwork routines ready for Together 2015.

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