John Barera's Loft Memories


By Dillon Riley

As part of Red Bull Music Academy‘s continued coverage of the country’s expansive regional scenes, Mmmmaven resident and Together Boston alum John Barera recently wrote a touching retrospective on legendary Boston house club The Loft. Along with some poignant history of the much-missed club are a series of illuminating quotes from some of the people that populated the Loft during its heyday, including residents like DJ Bruno and Armand Van Helden. The stories from its frequenters were the most affecting.


Nick Balodimas: When you went to go clubbing you had to look okay, but when you went to the Loft you would see people with a backpack, they would come straight from work, change their clothes in the bathroom, and go straight to start breakdancing. People were sweating their asses of in there, you had to find your spot and stay there. You had small spaces to do your moves, but people did it.

Liza Zayas: My prom date brought me to the Loft for the first time. I started going on the train every week, I would arrive when the doors opened, and I just remember feeling like I found heaven. I would just want to finish the next week and get there on Friday, into Saturday morning. Leaving and feeling the sun on your face, feeling sweaty and dirty and euphoric.


Read the rest of the story over at RBMA.

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