Gold Panda @ Brighton Music Hall 5/18 | Together


In a post-dubstep age, when half the world is still working to get as much bass into their mixes as possible, it can be a relief to know that Gold Panda is out there, dousing his productions in treble.

If you think of music as a journey, Gold Panda’s music is a trip through exotic locales – India, China, Neverland, the aether – at the pace of a glimmering cartoon faerie pulling you by the hand across the sky. It’s at turns contemplative and celebratory, but always awash in auditory tinsel and dust.

Since his debut LP, Lucky Shiner, in 2010, he’s been keeping himself busy with world tours, a DJ-Kicks release, some singles, and a brand new EP, Trust, which shows him refining his sound to a more focused region. It’s still clearly Gold Panda, thoughtful and meditative, but there’s a minimal quality emerging which we’ve not seen before.

As you can imagine, the live performance of such an artist tends to be an experimental affair, one in which you’d be just as at home dancing or bobbing your head and taking a journey of your own. Then, when “You” comes on, be prepared to let go.

Gold Panda plays Together on Saturday, May 18th at the Brighton Music Hall with Voices of Black.