Download the #Tgthr5 Pocket Guide as a .pdf! | Together

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Excited to say that our guide has gone to the printer, but you may d/l a copy of the .pdf here if you so desire and get a sneak peak. Featuring a selections of stories from local writer Michael Walsh, an introduction to the festival from the Creative Director and basically everything that is in our online schedule in print.

Designed by Tak Toyoshima and Scott Murry of the DigBoston design team, it pops with color-coded information. Blue = Music, Magenta = Art and Technology = Yellow (a designation chosen last year by Boston design genius Ctrl.Alt.Design). We’ve added a fourth designation, Green, which stands for the series of talks we are having down at Boston’s new Home for Innovation, District Hall. The Together Talks will feature four days of discussions and presentations. Each of those days has a theme as well.

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  • Thursday May 15th we’ll be talking more about community and collaboration.
  • Friday May 16th is dedicated to discussing technology.
  • Saturday May 17th will be diving into all sorts of music.
  • Sunday May 18th is set aside to go into all types of talks on the power of art.

So D/L the .pdf and take Thursday May 15th & 16th off to come join us.

See all the nighttime events for one very reasonably priced pass. And we’re even giving you $50 off that over the weekend. Sale ends Monday.

We love you, Boston!