Discwoman @ Great Scott 5/16 | Together



Alone, each one of these ladies is powerful enough to melt dance floors with the heat they push through the speakers.

Umfang did it recently opening up the inaugural Sustain-Release festival techno summer camp in New York.

Volvox did it for years as a resident at Make it New, and continues the tradition in her current residency at Jack Dept. NYC.

Riobamba does it with the eclectic sounds culled from her Ecuadorian-Lithuanian background.

MSG has started doing it through her involvement with Boston’s vaepors crew.

On May 16th, they will band together as the formidable discwoman. Fueled by a steady flow of distilled dance floor sweat, discwoman brings the raw talent of female DJs to the forefront, and kills it every time.

Formed last year in Brooklyn, the discwoman collective has already found its way to Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, and most recently, to our humble city of Boston.

On top of killing it in the mix, discowoman also pushes a pertinent message: get more women involved in the music industry. The dance world is saturated by men on all levels, from booking, to promoting, to performing. Discwoman serves as a platform for those who are underrepresented or don’t otherwise fit into this linear mold.

Come support diversity in music Saturday May 16th at the Great Scott. To get into all the shows purchase a Together Boston pass today! To see this show buy tickets here!

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