Deer Island Phonography Concert [5/14]

New England phonographers union

Music is everywhere, and we can train ourselves to find it in unusual places, namely the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant, operated by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The New England Phonographers Union has been recording structural vibrations and airborne sounds in the plant, and they have a new series of recordings to share with us.

These new recordings include sounds made with accelerometers of seismic phenomena (often undetectable to the human ear), and new air recordings of the waste water processing environment. The recordings will be presented at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, which holds the original pump station that provided clean water for Boston and surrounding areas. The cavernous and industrial museum will provide unique acoustic properties for the music.

The Boston Globe recently made a video about this project. You can hear a preview of their live performance, as well as look a little deeper at what’s behind the music:

Join Matthew Azavedo, Ernst Karel, and Jed Speare of the New England Phonographers Union at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum on Wednesday 5/14 @ 7PM to see the live performance for only $10. You must RSVP to attend, click here to learn how and to get more information.

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