Chet Faker Plays Brighton Music Hall 5/14 | Together


Back when electronic music was a new thing, one of the things people complained about was that they thought it didn’t have any soul. “Aren’t we removing all the human elements, all the emotion, all the sensuality from music by taking away the instruments?” they asked.

Just in case anyone out there is still worried about that, may we present the music of Chet Faker. He is a person who brings enough soul, emotion and sensuality to get even the most skeptical listeners interested in electronic sounds:

Just makes you want to cuddle right up with a MIDI controller, doesn’t it?

This year at Together Boston he’ll be playing the Brighton Music Hall, a venue intimate enough to let you feel like you’re very much a part of the sonic landscapes he creates. And since he’s dropping a new album, Built on Glass on April 15, #tgthr5 will be one of your first opportunities to hear his new stuff.

You can purchase tickets to this individual show here.

But to look at what else we have going on this year, take a look at our lineup. Then, when you just can’t say no, go get your pass¬†for #tgthr5.