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Founded in 2010, Together Boston is an annual music festival that attracts tens of thousands of people every year.


Our primary focus is to emphasize the unity of music, art and technology – and their propagation in the city of Boston.


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"Together Boston is rapidly positioning itself as one of the United States’ best events for forward-thinking music."

 fact mag reviews together festival

"The core notion of the festival … isn’t just to provide a good time, but to illustrate the fertile mix of art and technology intrinsic to current-day Boston."

boston globe together review

"The festival’s seventh year was its best yet… Every day of the week there was at least one—and often several—things to look forward to."

Resident Advisor Together Festival Boston 2018

"The sixth edition of Together ... was a reminder of how much Boston still has to offer for the tribes of dance music fans who live here ... Despite its size, Together pulled off an impressive range of sounds from across the electronic spectrum."

thump reviews together festival