5 Ways of Using Happn at Together | Together


by Ben Gray

This year, Together is psyched to introduce Happn, a state of the art dating app which is also sponsoring this years Happn Recharge Lounge!

Happn is a location-based dating service, which means that it presents to you all the people that you’ve crossed paths with throughout your week, what time, and where you would have encountered them. That system couldn’t be better suited to fans of Together, since it’s not always easy to find dates who are as excited about music and technology as we are. Here are some people it can help you meet:

1. That cute dancer who smiled at you at the Middlesex Lounge

It’s happened to all of us. Yes, you’re dancing in an intimate setting. And yes, that person over there is awfully cute. And yes, they’re looking over here. And yes, they look like they want to talk to you. And… did they just walk by again? That’s not a coincidence, right? But somehow the end of the night comes, and they’re nowhere to be found. Don’t despair, Happn will show you all the users who were at the show with you so you can finally say hello.

2. That person at the Lily Pad who cares about experimental music as much as you

I mean look, there aren’t that many people who go out of their way for seriously abstract, sometimes abrasive music. Yet you can go to something like Dinnersss, and somehow never strike up a conversation about analog synthesizers and loud guitar sounds. You’re only going to meet a roomful of people who are into this once or twice, and Happn will keep track of who was there.


3. That other student at the technology demonstration at Mmmmaven who seems to know so much about Ableton

Learning can be a very sexy thing, especially when there’s someone sexy who can help you study. Imagine: you’re learning all about live production techniques from Moduloktopus and the person asking all the smartest questions also just happens to be exactly your type. Here’s an opportunity to make a study date you won’t forget.

4. That vintage record collector at the Soul Clap Record Fair

We’ve seen it in a hundred quirky indie films. Two people meet and discover they share a love of obscure new wave records on vinyl. They have an evening which begins with coffee that gradually becomes a simmering slow-dance near the record player, and ends with a use-your-imagination fade out. That could be you. If only you had a way to contact that person you made eye-contact with over a box of E-Smoove singles.

5. That person you saw hanging out with their friends in the Recharge Lounge

Love happens for all kinds of strange reasons. Something about the way they frowned while looking at a piece of art. Something about the way they laughed while dancing to a Boston DJ. Something about the way they settled blissfully into a chair after a night of dancing and before another one began. It might just be that the people you see walking to and from Together events are waiting for someone like you to contact them, and Happn can give you the chance.

Together Boston is a perfect place to find love, if only you have a way to contact the people you run into. Happn can make that a reality.

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