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Together Boston has come a long way from when it first started back in 2010, and in those seven years since the first fest, we’ve seen a lot of a key players go on to do big things. But perhaps one of our favorite success stories comes from Coleman Goughary; now the North American Artists Relations Manager over at Ableton. Cole got his start in music DJing in Boston right around the time Together was first coming to fruition. His path inevitably crossed with the festival, and the importance of Together has stayed with him since.


“The idea behind Together is that it brings together all the disparate scenes in Boston to celebrate together for a week,” Goughary said in a recent podcast interview he did with You Tryna Get That Money. Although his initial involvement with the festival was simply putting together a prize package for winners of a DJ and producer competition, his efforts and enthusiasm were were quickly recognized and he became the director of business development the following year.

Gaughary is now based in LA working at Ableton’s North American headquarters, but he still has a soft spot in his heart for Together.

There’s the drum n bass kids that go to their night on Thursdays, there’s the house people that go to their night on Wednesdays, there’s the dubstep guys that do their thing on Fridays, there’s the top 40 crew on Saturdays; we bring everyone together and everyone basically builds a “together” version of whatever party they’re throwing and it’s all tossed into a hat and we try to do whatever we can to work together and go support each other’s nights and stuff. It’s kinda cool; it still is cool.

Despite how much effort it took getting the festival off the ground and running (especially in those early years), Goughary ultimately remembers it fondly. “It was definitely a labor of love. Everyone had such a good time at Together. I don’t know why I did it, to be honest with you; I guess I liked being around those people,” he said. And he’s quick to mention that the city of Boston itself is an integral part of Together. “We all loved Boston and we wanted it to be a relevant city.”


Well, it’s seven years later and as the festival gears up for what is sure to be its best year yet, one can’t help but think that maybe Together has succeeded in making Boston a relevant city. Because when you have the attention of everyone from The Black Madonna to Mayor Marty Walsh himself (as Goughary points out in his interview), you’ve got to be doing something right.

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