Boston and Amsterdam Join Forces (Again) at Together | Together


To some, the term “Dutch Masters” brings to mind paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

But to music aficionados, the term more aptly applies to the slew of extraordinary deep electronic acts continuously coming out of the Netherlands.

These modern Dutch masters are no strangers to Together; last year, we hosted the renowned SEKOIA crew, who unfortunately bid the world farewell earlier this month. However, in true SEKOIA fashion, they said goodbye in the only way they knew how: with a remarkable final show featuring some of their best acts.

Nine DJs in total came out to the farewell party in Amsterdam, including Florinsz Janvier, who played Together last year when the festival teamed up with SEKOIA for a dark night of deep house and techno at Middlesex Lounge. Each performance from SEKOIA’s final party stands out in its own right, but as a whole, they craft a truly remarkable image of what the Dutch platform was all about. Driving beats and perfectly crafted transitions, coupled with impressive technical skills on each DJ’s part act as one final reminder of SEKOIA’s dedication to bringing listeners the best music out there. 


It’s not all bad news though; Together is hosting another Amsterdam satellite night this May with a Dekmantel showcase featuring the likes of Fatima Yamaha, Juju and Jordash, and Palms Trax (UK). These Dutch masters are sure to prove, once again, why the Netherlands are so revered for their uniquely impressive grasp on deep electronic music. 

The event and record company is also known for hosting their own festival in the Netherlands so there’s no doubt they’ll be able to recreate a remarkable ambiance over here in Cambridge at Middlesex Lounge.

Make sure you don’t miss the Dutch this time around; grab your third tier tickets for Together Festival today before they’re gone.