2019 Lineup | Together
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Sept 25-29, 2019

Daniel Avery, UK

“Electronic music is unique in that, whilst it has an immediate effect on the body, the culture surrounding it has the ability to run deep into your life. Whenever I’m in a club, I want to give myself up to music. This is the very thing that excites me the most. Witnessing a DJ create an atmosphere in a room from the ground up takes patience and effort from everyone present but when the pivotal moments hit, your watch stops ticking.”

It is this thinking which motivated and inspired the making of Daniel Avery’s entry into the treasured DJ-Kicks series with Together Boston. Across its 78 minutes, the mix creates a hypnotic space focusing on “music by some like-minded souls” from the outer reaches of techno. It is a mix concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own space.

In 2018, Daniel Avery released ‘Song for Alpha.’ Nearly a year on from its release, it continues to deepen in influence with a series of remixes from some of the most vital names in house and techno, each providing their own unique take on Avery’s sonic landscape, allowing it to become a new Addition for the Together Boston Lineup.

Midland, UK

Midland is a DJ, Producer and Record label owner from London.

Through his productions, DJ sets and record labels, Midland’s output comes across as unassuming and surprising in equal measure, at once subtle, refined and totally raucous.

Powder, JP

Momoko “Moko” Goto, better known in the DJ world as Powder, has successfully taken her neon charged creations out of the Tokyo underground and into the discerning worldwide techno consuming public. After her debut on Lovefingers’ ESP Institute, Moko’s cosmic rhythms found a home on Samo DJ’s Born Free & Discodromo’s CockTail d’Amore Music, pushing her tribal-inspired, hypnotic sound further into surreal house, techno and psychedelic disco territory. Beyond her work as a music creator, Powder’s DJing backs up her production style with many influences. As a selector, she has notably eclectic tastes, which run the gamut from house to no wave to Japanese synthpop, utilizing extended loops and subtle blends to create a genre-defying, transcendent experience. Powder is on many promoters shortlists, and Aftermarket has been anxiously anticipating her DC premier since the last beat of her mesmerizing Sustain-Release Year Four (2017) set. Well to all the lucky people who got to experience her act at Together Boston, You had a one of a kind night.

5ive, JP

One half of ESP Insitute’s Cos/Mes duo, the Japanese producer has been on the DJ circuit for just about a decade. With musical roots in hip hop and rnb, 5ive has collaborated frequently with Stockholm’s Samo DJ for releases on Public Possession and The Trilogy Tapes.

Josey Rebelle, UK

Heavyweight selection first and foremost. Coupled with the skills to seamlessly join the dots between house, techno, disco and more, Together Boston got funkier by introducing a formula that has seen Josey Rebelle gain a solid reputation both in her native London and across the world. As well as DJing at clubs and festivals across the UK and internationally, Josey is a regular at some of the UK’s most respected nights – including Boiler Room (having played at the very first official broadcast back in 2010), Nonsense and Deviation. She has graced the line ups of clubs such as London’s legendary Plastic People (where she held down various residencies), Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), De School (Amsterdam), Djoon (Paris) and Nitsa (Barcelona), alongside festivals including Dimensions, Outlook and Bestival. With a Resident Advisor mix under her belt in February 2016, Josey has also had mixes aired on BBC Radio 1 and seen several of her mixes and streamed DJ sets selected for annual ‘best of’ lists compiled by the likes of Boiler Room, Fact and Complex. Her Dimensions Festival 2016 set in The Moat was selected as one of Resident Advisor’s top 5 key performance across the entire five-day festival, joining the ranks of Ben Klock, Massive Attack, Mr. Fingers Live, and Mala. While her club sets center around house, techno and disco sounds, old and new, Josey demonstrates the full spectrum of her musical knowledge on her shows every Sunday on Rinse FM, one of the UK’s leading underground radio stations which she has been on since 2011.

Dr Rubinstein, DE

Marina Rubinstein loves to DJ, but even when she’s perched in the booth, weaving together a invigorating assortment of hypnotic acid, ’90s rave and pumping techno, her mind is on the dancefloor. After all, it was on the dancefloor that this Russian-born, Israeli-reared artist fell in love with techno in the first place. Together Boston is delighted to have her as the True Raver, Don’t know what that is, Long before she started playing records and adopted the Dr. Rubinstein moniker, she was a self-declared “true raver” in Tel Aviv, and it was during those long nights of partying that she eventually came to see dancing as a kind of meditation. “When the music is right,” she explains, “you can free your mind and just dance without thinking of anything. For me, it’s the best feeling in life, something that brings absolute happiness.”


KiNK has become one of house music’s most in-demand producers and remixers: his tracks easily stand out in any club night and they are second to none in the most competitive environment electronic music has ever seen. His abilities in finding the ‘sweet spot’ of new machines and even of sounds considered ‘classic’ and to reshape them into totally different beasts would be totally enough to justify the phenomenon. Yet this barely touches the surface of the story.

KiNK’s live sets hold the key to understanding how he creates unparalleled enthusiasm on stage and through his studio output. By now, a guy with a laptop has become the most common sight in a club. Yet the visual discrepancy between the dynamics of sound and the statics of a mouse click has driven most ambitious live acts to sideshow tricks: visuals, LED screens, compensatory dancing – smoke and mirrors. By contrast, KiNK’s live sets simply take the hood off – strictly in terms of sound. A small set up of machines and controllers is all there is, but every knob turned produces an audible result. Often he will pass a machine to the audience and incorporate their input in real-time. This happens at mind-boggling speed. Hyperactive, yet holding down grooves to kill for. KiNK’s ability to nail smash beats on the fly, well visibly and audibly, that most people couldn’t program in weeks of studio work – this ‘credibility of sound’ right where it matters is what sparks the love everywhere he visits.

Peach, CA

Toronto’s Peach is most frequently found on the internet radio waves, and in various raves. Now based in London, where she hosts her monthly NTS Radio show, you can find her on line-ups with leading artists such as Pearson Sound, Objekt, Call Super or Shanti Celeste, or bouncing around the dance floor. Her sets are creative, coherently traversing several genres. She deftly constructs elevating narratives with energy, dynamism and passion. This vibrancy is captured on her debut track, “Silky”, a fast-paced, melodic cut which was released on Intergraded – a new imprint for emerging artists launched by Midland.

The Upbeats, NZ

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Terror Snake, and Downie Wolf are The Upbeats, one of the most legendary production/DJ teams to emerge out the fertile New Zealand drum and bass scene. From playing ironic bootleg mash-ups at a tiny rock bar to owning and operating their own record label, Non Vogue, this substantially more motivated “Wayne and Garth” of the drum and bass world are genuine innovators; in more ways than one.

With a decade of experience in the music game, Together Boston teamed up with this wonderful artist because they have released three critically lauded albums (with a fourth in the works) and countless singles on some of the most respected drum and bass record labels in the world. Known for their skills at constructing both digital pub rock anthems for the club and genuinely emotional home listening material – their musicality has seen them collaborate with or remix for the likes of Ed Rush and Optical, Noisia, Bad Company, Hive, Gridlock, Bulletproof, TREi, State of Mind, Shapeshifter and MSTRKRFT. Along the way, they’ve performed extensively across New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe and the UK building a loyal audience worldwide.

Mike Swells, BOS

Mike Swells is a Boston-born, Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, and promoter. He has DJ’d clubs and festivals across North and South America, sharing the decks with everyone from Josh Wink to John Digweed, Detroit Swindle to Recondite. He is also a resident of the Make it New Party in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Thugf***er, NYC

When Thugfucker’s single, “Disco Gnome” was released in 2011 it marked the beginning of the highly respected Life and Death label (which Greg co-founded alongside Matteo Milleri and Manfredi Romano) and very quickly, lots of little gnomes were found in the boxes of some of the best DJs worldwide. Disco Gnome received widespread play in all kinds of clubs around the world from DJs as varied as Seth Troxler & the Visionquest crew, Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber, Loco Dice, Sasha, Pete Tong and many many many more. It remains to this day a favorite of clubbers worldwide. Following this came another collaboration with friends and label mates Tale of Us, this time in the form of an EP for Visionquest. With two tracks, “Morgana” and “Step Aside” (featuring Scott McCloud of Girls Against Boys), this collaboration also got lots of love from DJ’s everywhere, went #1 on Beatport, not to mention being named an ‘essential’ track by Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show. Here you will see another collaboration, right here with Together Boston, one that will light the floor up.

And in the meantime, Thugfucker continued traveling the globe playing extended back to back DJ sets at some of the best clubs and parties worldwide. From Burning Man to Panorama Bar to Fabric to BPM and Sonar and Coachella to DC10 and Output and Katerholzig and many more. If you haven’t partied with Thugfucker yet then you probably haven’t been trying hard enough to have a good time.

Ever evolving, in 2018 Thugfucker saw Holmar departing from the project to pursue other endeavors while Greg continues to keep the Thugfucker fire burning bright as he steers the project upwards and onwards into the future.

Jackie House, NYC

Jackie House is one of the founding members of Honey Soundsystem.

Antal, NL

As a DJ and ‘musicologist’, there are few more serious than Antal. Trying to sum up the musical world of the Rush Hour founder with a few loose signifiers like house or techno would be futile. Sure, everyone in the industry claims to have been music obsessives since youth, but few have taken it as far as this Dutchman. As a DJ who prefers proper tools like E&S or Rane rotary mixers and Dope Real isolators, since 1996 he has played all across Europe, Australia, Asia and both North and South America. Unlike many, though, he has a wealth and depth of music to call on that is so vast you never quite know what you are going to get: he is as comfortable spinning Chicago and Detroit influenced house as he is rare Afro funk, forgotten disco and everything in between.

Of course, Antal also runs the mighty Rush Hour Records in Amsterdam with a close group of hard-working people. It’s a vast empire that encompasses a reliable distribution wing, sub label Kindred Spirits as well as a much-loved record store chock full of vinyl bought during ongoing crate digging trips around the world. The label, meanwhile, releases house and techno from the vanguard at the same time as reissuing long-forgotten classics that serve to educate whole new generations about what has gone before. You could say Antal himself serves the same purpose when DJing so visit him right here at Together Boston and learn something for yourself. .

Ron Trent, US

DJ/Producer Ron Trent, rooted in the dance music world for over 29 years, is largely regarded for producing and playing an eclectic range of music. Raised in Chicago’s early underground music scene in the 1980s, which transitioned from Disco into House. A perennial presence in music since the early 90’s, Ron Trent is considered to be one of the architects of the Chicago music scene and we at Together Boston have invited him to build a set that will light up the dance floor.

Lenore, BOS

One of the unsung heroes of New England Drum & Bass is a woman named Lenore. Djing since the dawn of dnb in New England in the 90s, Lenore is known and widely respected for her seamless style of mixing and commanding presence behind the decks. It doesn’t matter the style of dnb, she does it all. Co-founding Elements in 1999, she represents the legacy of drum & bass with style, grace, and class. Her night has brought in local, regional, national and international talent to Boston, building the reputation of one of the most prestigious dnb events in the country and the world. A little known fact about Lenore – house music was her first passion which drew her to djing, and she’s been collecting house records since the early 90s and continues to do so. This week she’ll be digging in the crates to show us what’s at the foundation of her musical taste!

Trip Report, BOS

Trip Report is the moniker of Boston based DJ/producer Jed Armour. He is currently a resident at the long-running Sweet Shop party in Boston. He has a release on Soul Clap Records this year and a vinyl-only release on Soul Clap’s Gator Boots label out later this year.

Matt McNeill, BOS

CSC founder and Goodlife resident Matt McNeill has been a fixture on the Boston underground house scene for over a decade. He started playing hip hop in the late 90’s which shows thru when playing disco and house. He has curated the monthly Sweet Shop party for 8 years and has played with luminaries such as Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Kaytranada, DJ Stingray etc.

Palms Trax, UK

Palms Trax is a producer and Dj based in Berlin, Germany. What began as an experiment in pad-driven Detroit workouts soon became Palms Trax’s calling card, the young producer building valve-heated, dust-treated slabs of house in his home studio, shot through with melodic synths and smooth, undulating drum patterns that recall the likes of Legowelt, John Heckle, Tevo Howard, and Nu-Groove-era Burrell Brothers. His first record was released in October of 2013 on London-based imprint Lobster Theremin.

Baltimoroder, BOS

Baltimoroder was born out of necessity. The story begins in Illinois, where Baltimoroder (aka Erik Pearson) abused cheap Yamaha keytars and Fisher-Price turntables. In high school, punk shows, record stores, and raw performance spaces filled his time. On to college, Los Angeles and the mighty KXLU radio station, where he absorbed avant-garde sounds, ambient music, and experimental artists. The turning point came after a cross-country trek to Boston and a low-key house party. He took the decks, mixing tracks he had never heard into a swell that kick-started a dance floor. From that night on, the floor never stopped growing. DJing to dance fiends night after night is his passion—whether thugged-out Baltimore music or the retro-sexual glam of Giorgio Moroder.

Panooc, MYC

Scottish-born, NYC-based Panooc (Leah Gough-Cooper) is an international DJ, Producer & Musician who’s sound pallet ranges from deep-funky Disco and House, to the darker territories of Techno and Leftfield, combining their jazz sensibilities into the mix incorporating live Saxophone.

Over the last 7 years, they have played spaces in their own right such as (NYC) Panther Room, Cielo, Black Flamingo, House of Yes, The Deep End, Tilt, Jupiter Disco, Good Room, Bogart House (Berlin) Tresor, Suicide Circus (London) Rye Wax, VFDalston, Netil Radio & Rumpus Party and featured at Miami Art Basel as part of Juxtapose Magazine’s After-
Party event.

They have opened for and perform alongside the likes of both House and Jazz heavyweights Danny Tenaglia, Todd Edwards, Mark Farina, Whitney Day, Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley of the JB’s, Danilo Perez and Vijay Iyer.
They have had their work, both House music and Jazz, featured on BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Scotland, London-based online station Netil Radio and NPR, as well as having their music featured on Claptone’s Clapcast 143 and Spotify playlist Clapcast Favorites.

They are currently one of the Resident DJ’s of women/gender non-conforming DJ collective and events producers XOXA, whose mission is to give space and a bigger spotlight to masterful and high quality women/GNC DJ’s, musicians and artists.

You can find Panooc/Leah’s House music releases on such labels as Ultra Records (Sony), Urban House Recordings (Marley Marl), Good Company Records, Kult Records & LTHM, on digital outlets such as Beatport, Traxsouce, iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud and on Vinyl, available at independent record stores and online at Discogs.

Lychee, NYC

A DJ, writer, and event organizer, Lychee runs Spontaneous Affinity, a monthly mix and interview series and occasional event platform focused on how dancefloors have shaped artists. With sets mostly focusing on the hypnotic and trippy side of techno, they are also a monthly resident at Distrikt 1 at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn, exploring the harder edges of the genre.

Lychee got their start as a radio DJ for WMFO, Tufts’ college radio station, in 2007. Since starting to play out in 2012, they have been featured in Crack Magazine, Magnetic Magazine, Boston’s Weekly Dig (2013, 2016), and the Boston Globe, and organized DJ/producer skillshare events, taught DJ workshops, and curated a speaker event about inclusivity in music technology.

Aaron J, BOS

Aaron J is a DJ and event organizer currently based in Boston. His long-running Sure Thing event and podcast series has played a key role in developing the audience for experimental and boundary-pushing techno throughout the US, having landed in LA, SF, NYC, and Seattle before finding a new home in Boston. As a performer, Aaron draws from years of experience as both curator and DJ to weave together hypnotic, fully-absorbing journeys through new sounds in techno and beyond. His recorded mixes have been featured in several acclaimed outlets including Honey Soundsystem, Acid Camp, and Rinse France, and his skill behind the decks has taken him to venues throughout the country and abroad.

Paul Schubert, BOS

Paul is a Boston based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer of underground electronic music. Schubert is 1/2 of the Boston based duo Dacey Schubert. Dacey Schubert has been graced with unique worldwide releases on local Boston label Cenote Records. Dacey Schubert has been blessed to have tracks showcased on Beatport’s weekly rotations, tracks of the week, as well as a track landing on the Movement festival staff picks page. Schubert has been writing house, deep tech, and tech house now for quite some time. While Schubert started producing about 10 years ago, he since has honed in on his own style and flow, finding ethereal, tribal, and hyper-cosmic deep tech to be his primary modalities. Schubert is a deep tech power house, pumping out tracks on the regular, many of which remain underground and unreleased, and always seeking to bring new, timeless, and evolving sounds to the dance floor.

Punisher, BOS

Michelle Herrmann, better known to the masses as Punisher, began her music career back when mix tapes were still popular. She is a Detroit native with over 23 years behind the turntables, synthesizers and drum machines. Michelle was drawn to music and the creative side of life from the beginning. She was fortunate to find her way into the early 90’s Detroit techno scene when the energy was awe inspiring, from that moment Punisher emerged. As a record aficionado, her preference behind the decks is playing vinyl and her knowledge of records is vast. Her studio tracks are devoted to hardware, analog gear and spontaneous live mix downs. A strong understanding of machines and midi programming allows her to perform powerful, dance floor igniting, live PA sets that take you on a journey through hypnotic, cerebral soundscapes. Michelle released her first two records in 1997 on Detroit label Matrix and has since appeared on over 40 different releases on internationally recognized labels including Detroit Underground, Synewave and her own imprint Hej Records. While mainly focused on techno and house, Michelle has the ability to play across multiple genres. Punisher has performed at clubs and festivals all over the globe, alongside world renowned acts such as Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, and The Orb. Michelle will continue to travel where the music takes her in pursuit of musical enlightenment.

Char, BOS

Midland is a DJ, Producer and Record label owner from London.

SF and Boston based Jackin/Disco and Tech House lover. 1/4 of Houseboi: A Genderqueer dance party for humans and their Friends. char7 began throwing and playing parties in the early 2000s at the Redtail loft- an artist and music collective in Fort Point channel, Boston. From there he got involved with the Radical Faeries, helping with the Comfort and Joy camp – throwing fundraisers and on playa events such as “Just Touch” and “Honey Dusted” for several years. He’s played San Francisco’s “Afterglow” closing pride party as well as monthly “Polyglamarous”. He currently holds a residency at in Boston for the party Houseboi.

    Together Boston might be a term that you have heard at some point during the past decade. It is a term that has brought Bostonians in conjunction with each other in terms of their ideologies. Intellectualism and Creative artistry have been one of the prime tenets of Together Boston ever since its inception and their roots held strong together until 2016. We often scoff at the idea of fundraisers, but the lineup and the artists involved gave this even the name recognition it did. Together Boston was a yearly feast, that broke ground in the year 2012 and grew in massive popularity for the student community and the people of Boston.

More artists to follow.
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