zombie-nation2-564x600Even for the casual EDM listener, it shouldn’t be surprising that Zombie Nation is associated with dirty, ravey techno. After all, it’s almost impossible to read the name without hearing it said 3 times, over a background of laser synths, possibly right after the Bruins score a goal and the air horns die down.

Since his 1999 smash-hit “Kernkraft 400,” Zombie Nation has evolved his dance floor-ready tracks, favoring uptempo bass-heavy productions and vintage analog synths. His latest album, RGB, makes use of a few such exotic pieces of electronic bric-a-brac, which Beatport learned all about.

Few artists are as synonymous with infectious, frenetic dance music as this guy is, and being a Berliner, he’s well accustomed to rocking a party until 9am. Don’t miss it when he brings that expertise to Rise, the only place in Boston where you can do that.

Zombie Nation plays the official Turbo Recordings Showcase after party for Together on Friday, May 17th at Rise.

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Zombie Nation Time Machine Mix by Zombie Nation on Mixcloud