Daytime panels, held at the Together Center (579A Mass Ave., Cambridge), begin on Wednesday! No pass necessary, as they are all free and open to the public. Here’s what we have in store:


Wednesday, April 4

12pm: Patently Stupid is a discussion on the current state of affairs regarding the effect of digital piracy on music, art and technology. [Panelists: David Herlihy (Herlihy Law/Northeastern University), Adam Jackson (Red Hat/Linux), James O’Keefe (Mass. Pirate Party), Mike Weakley (Discmakers). Moderator: Andy Sellars (Berkman Ctr.)]

3pm: Needles vs. Buttons will explore the original sound and feel of analog versus the higher fidelity adn easier work flow of digital. [Panelists: Pete Dev/Null (Hearthrob), Geoff White (Soul Champion), Josh Langberg (Negative Time), Joe Nice (Dub War NYC), DJ Bamboora (Splash), Nick Concklin (MushPost). Moderator: David Day (Together)]


Thursday, April 5

12pm: Artist and Craftsman Presents: Beyond Ramen, which focuses on growing and surviving as an independent artist in Boston with the high cost of living and stiff competition. [Panelists: Brian Kane, Ben Cantil (Ableton), Nick Colangelo (Vermin Street), Maria Rice (Peerless Mastering). Moderator: Jackie Indrisano (Berklee, Cafe 939).]

3pm: Artist and Craftsman Presents: The New Canvas, where panelists will share their views on the current and future states of new media. [Panelists: Nick Gillian (MIT Media Lab), Dennis Miller (Northeastern University), Ben Hogue (MIT Media Lab), Joey Asil (Artist and Craftsman). Moderator: George Fifield (Boston Cyberarts, Inc.)]


Friday, April 6

12pm: Future Alliance Boston Presents: Greater Boston and EDM, regarding how Boston and Cambridge can best take advantage of the electronic dance music movement. [Panelists and Moderator: TBA]

3pm: In War Stories from the Start-Up, panelists will share their personal experiences and answer questions about the start-up community. [Panelists: Josh Bob (Textaraunt), Jay Neely (Entrepreneur/Consultant), Scott Bailey (MassChallenge), Nadeem Mazden (Serious Business), Trish Fontanilla (Vsnap). Moderator: Brian Whitman (Echo Nest)]

5pm: Investigating the “Post-Grographic:” Music and Events That reach Beyond Traditional Cultural Borders investigates who benefits from cultural recontextualization and how. [Panelists: Ghislain Poirier (Ninja Tune/Bounce le Gros Montreal), Chief Boima (Dutty Artz), DJ Ripley, Max Pearl (Cluster Mag), Jesse Kaminsky (WMBR’s The Intercontinental). Moderator: Wayne Marshall (WayneAndWax)]