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On Wednesday April 23rd you can be a part of founding a new museum in Boston.

“But Boston already has so many museums! What’s one more?!” This isn’t just any museum; this is the Computer Preservation and Digital Arts Museum. In layman’s terms, this museum seeks to archive and display this area’s many contributions to the digital world. It will take these historical pieces and set them up to be in live and functioning condition so guests can experience the technologic revolution in person. Rare software and hardware games, pre-internet era systems, a public lab, and vintage computers… again, this is not just any museum. You can see a nice little preview here:

Come listen to experts present and discuss the future of this innovative gallery on the 23rd. The discussion panel includes George Fifield, creator of Boston Cyberarts Inc, who will be speaking at Together 5 this year!

For more info on the event and to register go on over to the stalwarts at ATNE here.