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MAY 10 - 17, 2015

Mmmmaven Open Houses During Together


The Mmmmaven Project in Central Square will be hosting multiple open houses during the Together Fest, where folks can try out equipment, including Traktor, Serato, and Ableton Live; learn about Mmmmaven’s courses, and network with other music technology enthusiasts, budding producers, and those involved in Boston’s music scene.

Mmmmaven is the first facility of its kind in the Boston area; like New York’s Dubspot, Mmmmaven offers classes in audio production and DJing.  Our state-of-the-art classroom features 8 stations equipped with turntables, a Pioneer mixer, high-quality headphones, and Mac computer outfitted with Ableton Live 9, Serato Scratch Live, and Traktor Pro.

Open houses during Together will run Monday from 12 – 5pm, Tuesday from 6-9pm, Wednesday from 2-6pm, Thursday from 2-6pm, and Saturday from 5:30 – 9PM.  On Monday, stick around afterwards to see a special demonstration on Musical Improvisation with Ableton Live, as instructor Danny Kutty delves into the vast and fast-developing world of using the laptop as a musical instrument. Tuesday’s open house will run in tandem with a demonstration of Ableton’s new Push instrument, the hardware controller that is changing the way electronic producers compose and produce music in Ableton.

Wednesday’s open house will be followed by a series of demonstrations from music technology innovators Steinberg, who will show attendees how to master music with their software Wavelab from 6 – 7pm, and how to construct sequences and songs using their ChordTrack technology. During the open house Thursday, Cambridge-based music tech firm iZotope will demonstrate Ozone and Stutter Edit, two of their innovative products that helped put the company on the map in the music tech world.

Finally, Friday is our bona fide Ableton day at Mmmmaven, featuring a series of clinics from Boston’s best music educators and technologists.  Ben Cantil, aka Encanti, will demonstrate the powerful potential of Ableton’s new incarnation of their flagship software, Live.  Now in its 9th suite version, Live 9 is without a doubt a game-changer for music production. Loudon Stearns, a professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, will further demonstrate the power of the Ableton Push.

Audiovisual duo Synnack will demonstrate how to create reactive visuals using Ableton and Resolume and what goes into their complex live performances.  Leon J will discuss constructing fun, effective basslines in Ableton Live, and Wiggz, aka Moduloktopus, will demonstrate advanced sound design techniques.

The week of Together at Mmmmaven provides a unique opportunity for the public to learn an extensive amount about electronic production, sound design, DJing, and digital signal processing. These events are open to everybody, for free, and not just those with Together passes. In addition, if you stop by Mmmmaven during the week of the fest, you will receive discounts on all courses!

Don’t miss this special opportunity to pique your interest in music production and performance.

All open houses and seminars will live at the Mmmmaven Project, at 614 Mass Ave., Room #203. For a Google map of the location, click here.

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