As we’ve been saying for 5 years, “electronic music” is much more than raging or throwing your hands in the air. It’s more than an outdoor party filled with neon and it goes beyond sick drops. While we like and appreciate and value all those things, electronic music is much more important than that. It’s a sonic exploration of the future of music and perhaps, the future of culture itself.

So we’re proud to have Martyn, that one-time dubstep god, that cult classic producer, a part of #tgthr5, the city’s annual exploration of all things music, art and technology. Martin is an adult man, an accomplished musician and has recently relocated to the US. (Washington DC, in fact, where he has taken on a rabid adoration of the Washington Capitals, for some reason.)

That said, he has release a mix for the very famous Mixmag in the UK and it contains entirely his own music. So this is not a DJ set, it is a mix of original music dropping with his album The Air Between Worlds. It is slated for release June 16th on Ninja Tune Records. But to glimpse his collab with Fourtet, his 10-song all original album, get #inthemix:

Note that the powerful quote at the beginning of this mix is from the legendary Frankie Knuckles, who recently died. That’s another thing about what people refer to as “electronic music”: It has a reverence and sense of history just like every other piece of culture. And just as this mix shows, Mssr. Deijkers will always consider himself a student, as we all should. Ladies and gentlemen, Frankie Knuckles:

The approach towards each song feeds into what I have to deal with now, what is current. And I still apply the same thing. I’m not a showman, I’d rather be tucked away in a corner somewhere, feeding you what I got, take it or leave it. I’d rather the music speaks for itself because: Not everyone has good taste in music, but those that do


h/t Martyn2034

Catch Martyn go b2b with Pearson Sound at #tgthr5. Do the smart thing and get a pass. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can get in to anything. You get into everything.