Acyclovir 750 Mg

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MAY 10 - 17, 2015

Together Line-Up: JASS Presents OBJEKT

JASS presents Objekt at Phoenix Landing on May 14th as part of Together 2013.

Objekt, TJ Hertz’s adventures in machine music built to make subs rattle and feet wiggle, began as two unassuming whitelabels at the start of 2011. It has since led to a unearthly, pan-genre spaceship ride through international acclaim from artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Surgeon, Francois K, 2562, Blawan and many more. He’s produced remixes for Radiohead and SBTRKT, put out a release on London’s inimitable Hessle Audio imprint, and has performed all over the world.

While his releases have been busy bruising sound systems and finding their way onto most end-of-year lists in electronic music, his DJ sets expose a much broader spectrum of influences than his productions might suggest. From a bewilderment of gurgling industrial to both very classic and very experimental techno, racy 90’s and 2000’s electro, IDM and more, his recorded mixes demonstrate this admirably, gliding seamlessly through artists as diverse as Jeff Mills, Alva Noto, DJ Stingray, Alex Cortex, DVS1, Emptyset and Alec Empire… all the while keeping a watchful eye on the dancefloor.

Come out, wiggle your feet, and be mystified by this incredible producer and DJ. Don’t forget to buy your Together Pass today. They’re going fast!

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