The dance music world is ever changing. Clubs come and go, genres go in and out of style, and different crews appear and disappear quicker than we can keep up with them. In a place where house music rules the night, it may come as a surprise that one of the most successful dance music weeklies in the Boston area strays far away from the 4 on the floor melodies that echo throughout the city on any given weekend. Instead, they fearlessly bump up the tempo and break the beats with the unadulterated sounds of drum & bass.

We’re talking, of course, about Elements!


Since their very first night in January 1999, DJs Lenore and Crook have been keeping Thursday nights in Cambridge live. Finding a home at the Phoenix Landing in Central Square, Elements has remained in the same spot since their inception. Known for sports, good eats, and a relaxed friendly environment by day, the Phoenix Landing undergoes a complete transformation once 10pm rolls around.

What makes Elements so special and unique is their ability to bring the biggest names in drum & bass to such a modest and intimate venue. Name any famous drum & bass musician and there’s a good chance they’ve taken the decks there. The likes of John B, ak1200, Andy C, Evol Intent, TC, Bailey, Calyx & Teebee, and so many others have left their mark on Elements, and they often come back for more.

Artists who can normally be found playing huge nightclubs and sold out festivals are happy to have a chance to play for the small but always enthusiastic crowd at Elements.


In a scene that chews up promoters and spits them out, it’s hard to pinpoint how and why Elements has survived so long, especially hosting a genre of music that is far from mainstream. Their location right in the heart of Boston’s underground music scene certainly hasn’t hurt them. Neither has the friendly staff and welcoming environment found at Phoenix Landing. The superb talent that comes through on a regular basis definitely plays a huge role as well. The relationship between the headlining DJ’s, the residents, the audience, and the venue staff is one of mutual respect.

The unique vibe and energy found at Elements each week is what sets them miles ahead of other dance music nights.


Together Boston is proud to have partnered with Elements in years past to bring you artists like The Upbeats and Wilkinson.


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