data garden
Data Garden is the name of a record label, events producer, and journal, known for releasing music made from plants. Yes, actual plants. Yes… actual music. This “trans-digital conservatory” focuses on creating new connections between nature + technology, past + future, and the artist + their work.

They also seek to bridge the gap between physical and digital releases, which they have achieved with their unique release style. Data Garden releases come in the form of a digital code on a piece of art, but that’s not all. You can then plant this artwork and watch it grow into real, living plants (assuming you remember to water it from time to time, mmkay?)

Join Data Garden and Ableton at District Hall on Saturday, May 17 to get a better understanding of their crazy and innovative plan that redefines “biotechnology.” The event is free and open to the public.

But why just go to one event when you can catch them all?