If making music is a way of making worlds, Crystal Castles make worlds that are plague-infested, cold and dirty, and overrun with murderous robots. And none of it’s a joke. As far as we can tell.

Exploding in 2003 with “Air War,” “Magic Spells,” and “Untrust Us” from their album Crystal Castles (the first of three with the same name), they became known for sizzling chip-tune treble assaults and shrieking, possessed vocal tracks. It’s not a pleasant sound, but it’s definitely an exciting one.

Of course, no introduction to Crystal Castles would be complete without a mention of their stage presence. It only makes sense that a group that built their career on abrasive sounds would match their sound with strobe lights, but until you’ve seen her, you can’t really prepare yourself forAlice Glass. Imagine a pencil thin girl in demon-white make up, rolling around on the floor, crowd-surfing, and chugging entire bottles of Jack Daniels. She’s the kind of woman where, if she smashed you in the face with a glass bottle, you’d forgive her. And probably still try to flirt with her when you got back from the hospital.

Crystal Castles play Together on Monday, May 13th at the House of Blues with Pictureplane.

Below you’ll find the NSFW video for “Insulin.” Fair warning, it involves sexualized elderly people. Crystal Castles don’t play around.