The spirit of the 80s are alive in Black Marble! Maybe they wouldn’t like that but I mean it in the nicest way possible. A whole lot of people do bummed out synth music but not everyone does it as well as Black Marble. These guys really commit. Genre taxonomists label their music with a rotating cast of made-up words that invariably end with “wave:” “coldwave,” “synthwave,” “darkwave,” “minimal wave.” Brooklyn’s own L Magazine called them one of the “8 Bands You Need to Hear” in 2012. If you haven’t yet, well, then get it together. It’s already 2013.

I won’t even draw up and compare them to the usual list of influences. That would be insulting to them and to you. If another Joy Division comparison means that much to you, you won’t have to venture too deep into the annals of the World Wide Web to find it. In fact, for all their studied similarities to the New Wave bands that they clearly idolize, one of the joys of listening to Black Marble is the modern touch with which they lace that sound. You can practically picture the stickers that are probably on the Macbook in the New York that apartment they probably record in. Theirs is lovingly handcrafted music — warm, even, at times. Etsywave? It doesn’t hurt that they write great songs, ripe for the remixing.

Black Marble are a duo. They’re on Hardly Art, the ever-reliable Sub Pop imprint. Chris Stewart is the singer and Ty Kube is on the ones and twos, so to speak. Kube hailed from an awesome band called Team Robespierre, which, were I a genre taxonomist, I’d classify as “electro-punk.” Is that already at thing? The pair kicked off 2012 with the solid “Weight Against the Door” EP. Their even better full-length debut, “A Different Arrangement,” followed in October. Check them out at Together, where they’re sure to satisfy any synth craving whether you feel like moping or dancing. Cravewave?

Catch them as they play Interzoning at PA’s Lounge on Friday May 17th. Passes are available here for weeklong access.