by Sean Flynn

Together Boston 2015 | Andre Obin

André Obin’s minimal melodies reveal a honed dedication to synthesis.

Most of Obin’s music is built from scratch, using synthesizer oscillators, drum machines and his own voice. The Cambridge based artist often starts his tracks with a slow burning intro and after that, he usually keeps a four-four beat, showing an awareness for DJ mixed styles like house when the songs on his albums flow this easily into each other. Though Obin shows an appreciation for dancefloor song structures, his tracks are multilayered and stand on their own as synth driven pop.

A deft lyricist, Obin writes blissfully escapist anthems that any dancefloor loomer could relate to, using the power of verse-chorus-verse to describe conflicted feelings of confusion and euphoria. His tracks employ many synthesizers, often creating a universe unto themselves despite being on the same album, such as 2013’s “Arsonist” and “Blue Powder.” So why not listen to this track from his newest record, Endorphin, and ask yourself, could this be the wildest Sunday party of your life?

André Obin plays May 10th at Middlesex with headliner Andy Stott!

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